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Power of Attorney

Posted May 2015 in Briefings, Private Client

A Power of Attorney is a document which allows someone to nominate other people to act their behalf.

Dispute Resolution

Whether dealing with a multinational corporation or a private client, the dispute resolution department adopts a commercially realistic approach to bring each case to an efficient and practical conclusion.

To pay in or not to pay in, that is the question

Posted April 2015 in Briefings, Trust

Trustees making a distribution who cannot locate a beneficiary have a number of possible alternatives. The trustee of a unit trust who cannot locate a unitholder is, however, in a difficult position.

Comparison of Foundations

Posted April 2015 in Briefings, Foundations

A comparison of foundations in six off-shore jurisdictions.

Corporate and Commercial Brochure

Posted March 2015 in Company Brochures

The corporate and commercial department has an international background and is flexible enough to provide a wide range of corporate legal services to both large, established institutions and small businesses.

Consultation - to be fairly asked, you, first, have to be fairly told

Posted February 2015 in Briefings

The purpose of consultation is not to be a referendum but an information, views and evidence gathering exercise.

Without prejudice – understanding what it means

Posted January 2015 in Briefings

Lawyers and non-lawyers frequently head communications with the phrase, “without prejudice”.

A Guide to Conveyancing

Posted January 2015 in Briefings, Property - Residential

A Guide to Conveyancing in the Isle of Man and an explanation of the legal terminology used.