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Design Rights in the UK and the Isle of Man - recent changes

Posted January 2017 in Briefings, Intellectual Property

Under Manx and (until 28 July 2016) UK copyright legislation the period of copyright protection for industrially produced artistic works was reduced from life of author plus 70 years to 25 years from first marketing. Read about the changes affecting English Law.

Can hyperlinks infringe?

The use of hyperlinks to access third party websites is such a common part of internet communication that it is hard to imagine that they might give rise to a claim of infringement of copyright in material on the site being accessed. However, the issue is of importance in the Isle of Man where there is a significant and highly developed internet activity conducted internationally.

eSports - an expanding industry

Posted September 2016 in Briefings

The Isle of Man’s strong reputation for player protection, sound anti money laundering regulations and world-class telecommunications infrastructure means that it has solid foundations in place to attract eSports companies now and in the future.

Dispute Resolution Services

Posted August 2016 in Company Brochures

The dispute resolution department adopts a commercially realistic approach to bring each case to an efficient and practical conclusion.

Corporate and Commercial Services

Posted August 2016 in Company Brochures

The corporate and commercial department has an international background and is flexible enough to provide a wide range of corporate legal services to both large, established institutions and small businesses.

Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration

Posted August 2016 in Company Brochures

Obtaining a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration in the Isle of Man.

Reform of insurance law

The UK's Insurance Act 2015 means there will be differences affecting business policies issued in Isle of Man and those issued in UK, including renewals.

Taxing Times?

Posted July 2016 in Briefings, Private Client, Trust

A recent judgment has significant implications for professional trustees in the Isle of Man and for those who advise them.