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Making a will is the only way for you to ensure your assets are dealt with in the way you want them to be after your death. If you die without making a will your property and assets may not pass to the people you would like them to. By making a will you can specify which of your possessions you wish to give to individuals and you may distribute legacies of money to family, friends or charity.

Should you make a will?

If you answer YES to any question below - you need a will.
• Do you have a partner?
• Have you any children under 18?
• Have you any older children or other adult dependants?
• Have you any children from a previous relationship?
• Have you any property, savings or policies not in joint names?
• Are you and your partner unmarried?

Would you like to...
• Safeguard your family's or partner's future?
• Leave something to a grandchild, nephew or niece, friend or charity?
• Avoid any argument, expense or delay?

Simcocks can advise and assist in the preparation of your will to ensure as fully as possible that your wishes are met after your death. 

Staff can give clear and expert advice on every aspect of making a Will to ensure the smooth management of an estate and to make certain assets are dealt with according to a client's wishes.

Read our guide on Wills to help cover some of the key questions and issues that arise when preparing a Will.

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