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Notarial Services

Simcocks has a number of experienced Notaries Public who are able to offer the full range of Notarial services. We are used to working to the tightest of deadlines and are able to offer an express service and out of office attendances.

Simcocks’ services include:

● Our notaries are authorised to administer oaths and take declarations. Simcocks can advise on the correct form of affidavit or statutory declaration for particular purposes, and if necessary, draw them up for our clients.

● Arrange for documents to be apostilled. 

● Certify authenticity of documents and signatures.

● Preparing certificates of incumbency.

Our fees are very competitive.

ID requirements

Identification of signatories is an essential part of Notarial practice. The Isle of Man is a highly regulated and respected jurisdiction. To maintain its internationally acclaimed reputation there are compulsory checks which Notaries have to make. In the case of private clients this means you will have to show the Notary some personal documentation including:

Current passport
Photo-card driving licence
Proof of address - utility bill.

For business clients, notaries will (in addition to checking your personal identity) need to establish that the company or organisation which you represent actually exists and in many cases that you are authorised to represent that company or organisation.

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