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Intellectual Property

Because intellectual property plays such a vital role in the key activities of many businesses, it is important not only that it is properly protected and used but also that third party rights are not infringed. This is particularly important in the Isle of Man which, as a leading financial and commercial jurisdiction, provides a tax efficient environment in which to hold and exploit intellectual rights.

Manx law largely follows English and European law in relation both to registrable rights such as patents, registered trade marks, registered designs and domain names and also unregistered rights such as copyright (including software), unregistered trade and service marks, unregistered designs, confidential information and trade secrets and database rights.

Simcocks is experienced in advising in these fields and to dealing in a practical and effective way on contentious and non-contentious issues arising in connection with matters such as:

  • Computer and software licences
  • Trade mark registrations (including Community Trade Marks), trade mark licences, trade mark assignments and trade mark disputes
  • Domain names
  • Copyright issues and design rights
  • Patents, patent licences, patent assignments and patent infringements
  • Trade secrets and misuse of confidential information by business rivals or former employees
  • Technology Transfer and Licence Agreements, Research and Development Agreements and other arrangements including options;
  • General advice as to the commercialisation of IP and IP audits
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