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Simcocks has considerable experience responding positively to requests to act as a trustee and protector on family trusts and Will trusts. In order to provide continuity Simcocks has formed Juristrust to provide these services.

Juristrust complements our specialist legal team who advise on the creation of bespoke, multi-jurisdictional trust and foundation structures designed to maximise wealth, plan for succession and protect family or corporate assets.

The depth of experience and expertise in our legal team means we have cultivated lasting relationships and work with offshore trustees, accountants, bankers, land agents, investment managers, family offices and tax planners to provide clients with bespoke wealth management, wealth preservation or philanthropic solutions.

We also act for private individuals, international families, estates, trusts and family businesses. Clients also include trust companies, financial institutions, wealth managers, family offices, high net worth individuals and their advisers.

The team's technical skills and experience ensures our clients’ assets have an additional layer of protection.
Juristrust Limited is licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority:

• Trustee services principally for Will trusts but also for discretionary and purpose trusts often in conjunction with third party corporate and trust service providers.

• Protector and Enforcer services.

• Foundation services as the Registered Agent/Enforcer/Council member.

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