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Cathy Morley - Human Resources Manager

Cathy Morley
Office: +44 1624 690 312


Cathy was born and educated in Northern Ireland and moved to the Isle of Man in 1999 after completing a HND in Business and Finance at the University of Ulster.

She gained a wide range of experience with a number of Life Assurance companies before setting up her own recruitment and HR business. After completing a Level 5 Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Diploma she focused her career and business more towards HR.

She is responsible for the strategic management of all Simcocks staff, employee development, fostering a culture of teamwork and continuous improvement. She promotes a shared understanding of organisational values, operating principles and works to align HR policies and processes to support the achievement of business goals.

Cathy is the main contact point for Simcocks' extensive work experience programme. Scores of schoolchildren and undergraduates have gained an invaluable insight into life inside a law practice after working alongside lawyers and support staff in different departments. If you want any further information contact Cathy Morley at